added January 2017

To be sure…this describes the author correctly…use this guideline as you read anything written or spoken by her.



Can’t believe that one person can be as stupid and ignorant as this person is!

Joan M Wheeler, changed her name back to her birth name (Doris M Sippel). Fine, great, good for her, no problem!

BUT… then she has to change the title and author name on the SAME book and represent THAT as a whole NEW BOOK! Smacks of FRAUD! Just how many times does ONE person have to write and rewrite and publish her BS life?

The first book, in 2009, ‘Forbidden Family, A Half Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism‘ was pulled from publication by the publisher in May 2011, due to libel.

Then in 2015, she ‘self-published’ a ‘revised’ second version calling it ‘Forbidden Family, an adoptee duped by adoption’.

Then in 2016 she changed her name and republished the SAME crap in a third edition, now titled ‘Forbidden Family: An Adopted Woman’s Struggle for Identity’!

Talk about conning people! Her story has more remakes than Star Trek, Ben-Hur and Magnificent Seven together; at least they are labeled as such and they are more interesting that HER life!

Check out the Facebook page dedicated to her ‘books’!




want to point out that it was I (Gert) who FIRST cropped the book cover of Joan’s newest book…because I could NOT stand those creepy eyes! It was bad enough seeing that sleeping baby and then SHE went with another image taken on that same date…with HER eyes open! And that is WHY both images of her TWO books are on this ‘about’ page…so that I and others don’t have to see those EYES.

I started THIS blog site and my 2nd Facebook page BACK in August.

Joan recently (NOV 2015) CHANGED the cover of her book to … guess what? MY CROPPED IMAGE! She STOLE THE IDEA FROM ME…like she’s STOLEN lots of things FROM her birth siblings. Continue reading to see HOW we know how she REVISED her book…by reading OUR BLOGS.

August 2015

Yep! She went and did it AGAIN! So foolish! This page is the birth family’s abilities to answer this ‘new’ attack upon us. A new Facebook page has also been created.

And yes, this is a ‘new’ attack. Since the publication of her first version of the ‘truth’, Forbidden Family, in 2009, (which was pulled from publication due to libelous content), Joan has been READING and taking NOTES about what Ruth and Gert have been saying since 2010, on our blogs, and CORRECTING her version of events!


If the first book was the ‘truth’ then she ‘corrected’ the truth by STEALING from Gert and Ruth again! So now she has UPDATED AND REVISED her garbage to reflect the CORRECTIONS we blogged about! How many times can the TRUTH be rewritten? If it’s Joan anytime she wants.

Her corrections could be a ‘good’ thing, except she NOW has been able to USE even MORE personal information about ‘dead’ people in our family! Joan states, that dead people and their heirs can’t sue! So she is still exploiting the family! Taunting and insulting, putting words in people’s mouths, fabricating deeds that never existed AND giving us sibling MOTIVES that were never there, in the first place, but NOW are front and center, in her mind, as to WHY we countered her writings.

Unfortunately most people don’t realize how Joan ‘covers’ her errors, by being ‘cute and coy’ as well as deceptive. She HIDES things deep within her text, has diarrhea of the mouth and knows that most people will just gloss over most of the book because she, and it, go on and on and on! That is why we have decided to create a Facebook page @   https://www.facebook.com/dupedbyadoption1

and this new blog devoted to looking at the contents of both books.

As was told in the post, link below, ‘how the sneaky…’ even though I may have gotten it ‘individually’ wrong, I did EXPOSE Joan’s statement of policy, of another group, which was in her new e-book, which exposed what Joan wrote and alerted her to the fact that I had the book.


As will be seen, in the above blog post, a member of an Adoptee Organization says that Joan’s statement, in the book, has NOTHING to do with them. But, Joan clearly wrote what she wrote and attributed it to this Organization! Who is right? Joan or the organization?

In any event, Joan had to hurry up, cover herself and make her ‘great’ announcement here…


Problem, for her, was we already had the e-book in our hands since June of 2015, when I found it by accident. It was published in May! What was she waiting for? Oh I must have spoiled her ‘great event’ she was planning!

She also had to hurry up and ‘change’ the name of her Facebook page for Forbidden Family, to the current title. The change was rather a sloppy job! I’ve worked for weeks to gather my thoughts, ideas and components!

The web we weave when we start to deceive! And she has been caught, again, in her own lies!


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