Dead people can’t and don’t speak! But Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel continues to exploit our DEAD mother and father!

This crap, of Joan/Doris, is just like ‘what would Jesus say’! Attempting to get a sympathy vote, a ‘oh poor me’ attitude, a cop-out from reality and stupidity.

This isn’t the first time that Joan/Doris has done this…only this time she is using both our parents as a means to influence politicians and law-makers.

If Joan/Doris really BELIEVES in wanting to have her BIRTH parents legally RECOGNIZED on her birth certificate, why did she go and write THREE lying books about our parents? Why did she put in PRINT what she DID to our father and portray him negativity, over and over again? Why did she put in PRINT lies about our mother’s medical conditions? Why did she put in PRINT lies about her birth siblings and extended family members?

Both our parents are DEAD and will NEVER speak to their children again. Knowing Joan/Doris is an atheist, she doesn’t believe in the Christian heaven, or any other religious thought or afterlife, she’ll NEVER met or speak to them when she herself dies.

The worst part is that she CONTINUES to exploit them! She says…

Mom, I do it for you, too. And for Dad. You would want me to, wouldn’t you, Mom?

What f…ing BS! Joan/Doris is nothing up a creep, a lying creep, who can’t ACCEPT her life! She doesn’t do this for Mom and Dad…she does it for her SELF! Because she is selfish, needs attention, and will say and do anything to get that attention. IF, IF, IF she truly was doing this for Mom…WHY does she say ‘wouldn’t you, Mom’? That whole thing stinks of DOUBT. Joan/Doris KNOWS deep in her soul that she is NOT DOING RIGHT.

Perhaps the dead DO talk…if one opens their HEART they could hear the loved one say…STOP IT, MOVE ON, LET US REST IN PEACE. But, Joan/Doris has CLOSED her heart and soul…that is why she is in constant pain…she will NOT accept her LIFE.

Now as to the CURRENT political situation; adoptees are asking New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo to Veto the current bills up for his signature (regressive Mother-May-I Bills A5036B/S4845A). The reason is because to them it is a ‘dirty’ bill, because it doesn’t give the adoptees what they want. Perhaps Governor Cuomo OUGHT TO SIGN THE BILL…NOT veto it. What Joan/Doris is doing is EXACTLY what should NOT be done when adoptees gain their birth parents names…expose and exploit them.

It also seems that Joan/Doris STILL can’t have her cake and eat it too…by changing her name legally BACK to her birth name she STILL has to COMPLY with Vital Statics RULES. What a FOOL! Can you image the mess that will happen when a DEATH certificate for this fool is needed!

Here’s the link to her crap…



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