Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel is a TERRORIST

She targets pro-adoption people. She stirs the flames of hate against them. She rallies others to share personal information about those she has bullied, stalked, harassed and intimidated.  She has done this many times and I have DOCUMENTED them here on our blogs. I shall continue to do so.


It’s bad enough when someone hates their own life because of something and engages in various forms of self-harm, but when that same person goes out of their way to destroy others, year after year, that hatred becomes very DANGEROUS.

Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel is a very dangerous person! She’s not alone, for sure, BUT because she has diagnosed mental conditions she is USED and ENCOURAGED by others that have some kind of self-control and wouldn’t think of acting out. Joan/Doris has NO SELF CONTROL; her hate is the only emotion that keeps her alive! She gets a thrill out of attacking others. Make no mistake she is a TERRORIST!

There are many in the anti-adoption movement that do NOT engage in personal attacks but nonetheless encourage and praise the anti-social terrorist words and deeds of Joan/Doris. They are just as guilty as she is. Social media has made it very easy for anyone to go after another just because you don’t agree with something or other.

People will never stop adopting no matter what the anti-adoption people say.

No matter how many negative, mean-spirited things the anti-adoption people say or demand that someone read this book or that book, those words and deeds will never change the minds of anyone who wants to adopt.

The best action and protection for the pro-adoption people are to EXPOSE those that write to them, share what they write to other pro-adoption agencies and friends. Do just what their opponents do, EXPOSE THEM. That is WHY birth family members, of Joan/Doris, have BLOGS and this Facebook page, to set the record right; to expose the lies and hate she has for her birth and adoptive families that she has put in writing.

There are always TWO sides to an issue. DON’T be silenced by the anti-adoption terrorists!


2 thoughts on “Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel is a TERRORIST

  1. here is a list of the current enablers that encourage Joan/Doris to go after pro-adoption people
    Daryl Bergmann
    Jodi Gibson Haywood
    Mike Slayter
    Sandy Musser
    Lorene Whitten
    Nicole Fisch Blank
    Sheryl Mungin
    Georgia May
    Laura Ann Beall
    Mary Jane Love
    Jodi Gibson Haywood


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