Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel says ‘comments from my adopted family made me realize just how twisted they really were’

Joan/Doris ought to put on sack-cloth and ashes and do more self-flagellations so she may feel more alive for she certainly can’t find ONE THING pleasant in life to talk about! She is over 60 NOW…and it’s high time that she learns that the only thing she has CONTROL over and CAN CHANGE, is HERSELF. If she is unwilling to do that she ought to shut the fuck up!

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

OKAY, just because a family ‘adopts’ doesn’t make them twisted! Just because family members have different opinions and views doesn’t make them twisted! Adoption is not an evil. Some people can be and are evil! It is always people that make things bad, ugly or evil…NOT a concept or institution.

OBVIOUSLY Joan/Doris is twisted; by her hate and anger!

Adoption DOESN’T mean the same thing to EVERYONE! That is just what the problem Joan/Doris has with being adopted! She CAN’T get everyone to see it FROM HER VIEW POINT. Regardless of what Joan or others want, to eliminate adoption from the world, that will NEVER happen!

Okay…looking at it ‘from’ her point of view, she MAY HAVE gotten a rotten adoptive family, who were very insensitive. But, knowing Joan as I do, Joan, herself, is very insensitive and is quite rotten in her own right and dishes it out like the…

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