6 thoughts on “Curiouser and curiouser….why did Joan M Wheeler/Doris M Sippel do IT?

  1. “This post is under publication on a major website. When it is published there, I will publish the notice here.”

    nothing Joan/Doris does makes any damn sense. WHY is it being published on another major website? Isn’t her own blog/website good enough for it? Wouldn’t the piece get more attention if it were published on more than one website?
    Was the piece NOT actually written by Joan, but written by someone else? And they complained?

    Joan does have a long history of taking credit for other’s works – and lying about it – lying about everything under the sun.

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  2. on a further consideration of the article and subsequent actions of Joan/Doris —
    the article references other people’s works and websites. Perhaps somebody didn’t want their name/work/website on JOAN’S website/blog.
    She HAS made many enemies in the adoption reform circle. And among other adult adoptees.
    I know this for a fact, because despite Joan/Doris having a separate blog about Cyberbullies – which she uses to spread lies about me, my sisters, and our family, she complains about us from time to time on her facebook page. I have been contacted numerous times via my own blog and my own facebook page by some of those adult adoptees that she has made enemies of.
    And they all tell me the same thing “my god, your sister is nuts. And I’ve read some of your blog — what a rotten person she is that she did that stuff to you.” (my blog details the many harassments that I have endured from Joan Mary Wheeler – (thefts, character assassination, false police reports, MANY phone calls and letters to my employer with lies to get me fired).

    Like Donald Trump, Joan/Doris is narcissist/pathological liar. And both are very charismatic. Joan can spout tears faster than a person peeling and chopping an onion. And people very easily get sucked in to her tearful stories of woe, of how she was treated by her birth family, after we were reunited with her. But she fails to tell the whole story – that it was SHE who became abusive to every member of both her adoptive and birth families, until one by one, they all told her to REMOVE herself from their lives.

    Her subsequent harassments of me has been her punishment to me for telling her to get the hell out of my life. You would tell someone to go too – if they had swindled $700.00 out of you.

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    gert mcqueen says

    While the author has done a great job on this piece, with many references, facts and positions, the case presented will NOT stop ‘altered birth certificates’. Certainly, better legislature could provide some measures that are needed but that can only go so far. In the vastness of global humanity, adoption will ALWAYS be an option and in some cases the ONLY option. Family preservation is not an alternative viable solution as in the case of the author, who is anti-adoption.

    It is unfortunate that the author’s ‘memoir’ exposes and exploits both her birth and adopted families to present her anti-adoption stance. All three versions, of that memoir, are biased with hate, anger and liberal misrepresentations of real people and events for the author’s one-sided position.
    In addition to the site the author gives for the current edition, please see the following links on Amazon for other opinions on the author and her memoirs.

    Forbidden Family: My Life as an Adoptee Duped by Adoption forum


    Joan Mary Wheeler forum

    And here is the link to the FIRST book, it has one review and 4 comments

    Forbidden Family

    December 20, 2016, 8:02 pm Reply

    gert mcqueen says

    very good


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