2 thoughts on “Joan M Wheeler’s story, about her life AND OTHERS, has taken on many forms and titles, over the years!

  1. the graphic that Gert has included here – picturing a scan of Joan’s The Secret is Out – was taken from Joan’s blog.
    I would have to research the dates – but – the first time Joan placed on her website the scan of her 1990 article, The Secret is Out – published in the British Adoption Quarterly newsletter – she did NOT black out our names.
    When I first read her libelous book Forbidden Family late 2009 and started my blog, I noted that in a footnote in the book, she referenced this article and I saw on her website (during the same time period) the graphic of the article – WITH MY NAME CLEARLY VISIBLE.
    Joan was all over the internet – on adoptee forums, her blog, other adoptees’ blogs to publicize her book AND her website – which contained MY NAME CLEARLY VISIBLE.
    When in 2011, Gert and I successfully lobbied Trafford Publications to kill Joan’s book – with one point – (among many) was the point of Joan’s NOT protecting MY name – by referencing her article The Secret is Out.
    When Joan was given the news that her precious lying book was removed from publication because of several points of lying in the book, she laid low for several months. Probably in a deep depression because her precious book was dead.
    When she resurfaced on the internet, one of the things she bitched about was that she had indeed changed my name in the book and that I was the one who came forth with my name via my blog and my complaining about the book. (nope, she had placed that footnote referencing my name IN the book AND she had placed on her website BEFORE the publication of the book – the graphic of the article The Secret is Out – with my name clearly visible. When she started publicizing the book, directing adoptees and other people to her website – those readers could access the scan of the article that she placed on her website – AND SEE MY REAL NAME. — I blogged about this on my blog – and shortly afterwards – Joan immediately back pedaled and BLACKED OUT MY NAME.
    Joan is just like Donald Trump – runs her diarrhea-filled mouth, talking shit – and when she caught in a lie, she swiftly back pedals with no explanation of her back pedaling. And without any kind of apology.
    When she does this – she shows that she was wrong in the first place – got caught – and tries to cover things up. Lying little coward.


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