An example of how Joan M Wheeler goes about getting other people to do her dirty work and attack the birth siblings!

NEW POST of how Joan operates

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Joan says that when her birth siblings comment, on public news articles, they are stalking and harassing her! What?? We have as much right as any of the world’s billions to comment, on anything, particularly when it deals with ourselves and our family! Joan herself has poisoned many a well against us; years before we were ever ON the Internet.

But, once Joan wrote that first libelous book and more so today, after the second self-published revised book, we siblings will CONTINUE to speak out about her malicious lies and dirty deeds.

Has it ever occurred to Joan and her gang of bully friends, that if she NEVER wrote lies about family she would NOT hear from family? Of course not! Because Joan and her gang believe that only they have the right to speak ‘their truth’, for they are the adoptee! And their ‘truth’ is colored by their ‘anger…

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