Joan Wheeler, the Teflon Dictator. Nothing is ever her fault! lol.

some things that are NOT in the books

Refuting a Book of Lies: Forbidden Family --

Before I get “accused” of  something again. I am a night shift worker. On my nights off I do sometimes be awake all night, or even snooze here and there. I did manage to get about 3 hours sleep on the couch with Captains and the Kings dvd in the background, to drwon out the wind. And I don’t need to use the search phrase “adoption reform resentment.” I’m really not interested. I’m only interested in getting out what happened to turn our adoption reunion sour.


Now despite a well-thought out post that actually is put forth in a civil manner, the sentance “Do not pin any negativity on me” is indicative of this person’s lifelong attitude. Nothing is ever her fault.

How do you think a person would feel if they loaned someone a wedding dress that belonged to your mother…

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