An old soldier leaves the field of activism; is Joan M Wheeler taking up that empty spot?

there’s an opening in the field

Reclaiming the Sippel-Herr Family Honor

Perhaps Joan should take a long hard look at the toll that comes from beating a dead horse. Joan isn’t getting any younger, has several medical physical and mental conditions, is disabled and yet is in love with her long long years of fighting and must always remind people of them! But then again…Joan does NOT have what it takes to fill the shoes of Mirah Riben. I myself admire Mirah’s work! Joan can only slander/libel her two families, write two books of hate, rage, anger, and exploit the families for her OWN fame and fortune! Joan can only browbeat, intimidate, insult, and generally verbally beat up anyone who is pro-adoption. Joan has contributed NOTHING to the adoption reform platforms, many have disavowed her, yet she doesn’t ‘get it’. Joan is a ‘suck up’, thinking she can get an ‘endorsement’!  No, Joan hasn’t got the credibility to fill ANYONE’s shoes!

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