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 points of libel in the BOOK “Forbidden Family”

Ruth Pace says:   Initial post: Apr 11, 2016 5:30:10 PM PDT

Gert McQueen says: “This book contains actual real family names and pictures of both the adopted and birth families, which makes identification very easy …”

This is one of the problems with this book (a sales PRODUCT, NOT A PERSON) – When the book left clues for the reader to find MY true name, it left the book with libelous accusations. For example, stating that I have a criminal record, when in fact, I do not. On my blog, I have left scans of the actual police and court documents when the author and I were involved in 3 court cases of harassment. Somehow, the 3 cases got merged into ONE court battle in the book, lasting “three months.” – There ‘were’ three court appearances in 1995, (for ONE case) each one for about 15 minutes in front of the judge. The book leads the reader to believe it was a continuous “three month court battle.” (quote from the book).

The court documents I submitted to Trafford Publications shows that in March 1995, the author appeared for her arraignment. (which took approximately 10 minutes). The case was adjourned to April 1995, where the judge adjourned the case (again, that took about 10-15 minutes). The case reconvened in May 1995, again, taking only 15 minutes.

— Another complaint I filed in 1999 against the author gave me another document – a computer readout from Erie County (New York) Unified Court Systems showing all cases involving me and criminal background – which showed NO CRIMINAL RECORD for one Ruth Sippel (my maiden name). This document was sent to Trafford Publications which proved that I was libeled in this book – where it says I have a criminal record. I do not have a criminal record. Therefore – the book contains a LIE about me.

gert mcqueen says:    Apr 11, 2016 7:27:58 PM PDT

The entire book is filled with libelous materials! This is the second go-round, in print, that the families have been subjected to, all malicious lies by the author! The author ‘slants’ her telling of ‘situations’ to FIT her agenda… that adoption is an evil and that EVERYONE abused her! when in fact it was the author who did the abusing and then wrote LIES! What she has to say about myself, my marriage, and my CHILDREN are all lies! I ALSO sent documents to Trafford Publications, that proved what the author wrote were lies. I spoke with LAWYERS at Trafford Publications and they will NEVER publish this piece of garbage. The only reason this BOOK is available is because the author has SELF-PUBLISHED it! Readers should be warned that what is in this book is NOT TRUE.




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