Why is it that Joan M Wheeler, duped by adoption, is NOT a writer for Huffington Post?

She herself says that she is ‘more’ a writer than a speaker! She has been all over the Internet for years now, giving her opinions on the subject of the evils of adoption and her birth siblings, so why doesn’t she have her own column? Don’t you THINK that she, in all her great and wonderful wisdoms, would be a perfect writer for Huffington Post!?

Ah…but there’s a problem with Joan’s form of writing!

I’ve posted in the past, and no doubt will post again, examples of Joan’s ‘writing’ comments and the reactions that happen, or don’t happen, and it’s NOT a pretty sight to read!

This post asks the question – Why do certain comments, that Joan writes, DO NOT get posted on some news stories? The answer; because she’s too insulting to people!

And an addition item here, Joan has a new puppet! She has had, in the past, a ‘gang’ of fellow angry adoptees, and/or individual adoptee reformists, whom thought they could intimidate me and my sister Ruth…to no avail.

Then there are certain ‘special’ puppets that Joan has…MEN. There was Russ, then there was Brian and now there is Mark; they all mimic Joan’s rhetoric and ‘go after’ the birth siblings!

In between these men, who activity insulted us in print, there were other men but they saw what Joan was made of and left her, just as many in the ‘mainstream’ adoption reform community.

Here is the link to the news story;


Joan posted on Facebook   May 13, 2016

2nd time I am posting this comment. It was deleted. Why am I the only one to post a comment?

“It is a shame that anyone who agrees with you, Frank, will be seen as anti-gay for supporting your stance that these two gay men adopting is a horrible and disgusting display of conceit and selfishness.

They are entitled to own a child because, well, equal rights and all that jazz.

Baloney. Where are the rights of women? The rights of pregnant women to be cared for when they are vulnerable? They are obviously targets to be preyed upon for the most coveted of possessions – their unborn baby.

Shame on these men and all others like them.

What about the baby’s right to be with her mother? Nope. Gay rights to adopt. That wins over everything else.

What about the baby’s rights to her actual birth certificate and actual name at birth? Nope. Adoption has removed her civil rights to her birth certificate and her name at birth. Upon the finalization of adoption, even open adoption, the adopted person’s birth certificate is revoked and a new one is issued. In this case, a new birth certificate was created, implying that two men sired, conceived, and gave birth to this little girl.

Everyone else’s rights in this scenario are side-lined in favor of these ego-maniacs.”

Then, Mark Kneitinger , Joan’s newest friend, confidant in arms and puppet writes a comment,  in ‘Joan speak’, and it is published.

The most disturbing fact in this article is: children are for sale! We can color it with any flag or stand and glamorize it but the reality exists that there’s a traders market. We have baby brokers and they know the rules! They know which states to shop geared toward tricking mothers that after they realize they want to relinquish consent and the money it’s too late and the baby has been SOLD! Why as a society don’t we promote guardianship so we can preserve the biological relationship and keep the parents in the loop and out of the sale!

And this from someone who ADOPTED his son! Yep, he saw the errors of his ways, with adoption, once he met Joan!

Funny isn’t it! Joan’s comment was deleted twice yet Mark’s stays. Perhaps Joan needs to adjust her attitude.

But then again…just has I was about to post this I took ANOTHER look at the article and Mark’s comment is GONE!

Perhaps both of their ‘positions’ are too extreme! OR…perhaps Mark has decided NOT to continue on with Joan?

Makes you wonder!




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