The second go-round of Review #12, of and about, My Life as an Adoptee Duped by Adoption!

The first go-round was an interesting exercise is exchanges with yet another one of Joan M Wheeler’s male puppets, Mark Kneitinger. Joan, and pals, are blind as to how others see her and her depiction of her life and those that, she says, ‘tormented’ her. They don’t see how others wonder how she writes about family members!

Here’s the link to the first go-round…

And now with a ‘rewrite’ we find Mark again…

Forbidden Family, a must read for the socially conscious and adoptees seeking truth!

By Mark Kneitinger on May 8, 2016 Format: Paperback

I finished Forbidden Family and was breathless. What a tough story to tell and yet done so well. I see this is the author’s first book (revised) and I was swayed by her openness to every detail, good and bad. This is the real deal, no stone goes unturned! This is a life story and a good one for adoptees to read. You pick up a book like this and think it’s a happy ending but Ms. Wheeler is correct in saying that in every aspect she was duped and I would say by the very foundations we hold sacred; the law, religion and family. I came upon this book as my son was adopted and although he never chose to see his biological father he did seek to find his siblings and for him short lived. In the end this is an autobiographical journey into the dangers of closed adoptions. The laws differ by state and country and in my opinion are wrong especially for medical and genetic data. We see the 50’s were a different time and one could walk away from a child with the “support” of others. We see the forbidden truth told to an adolescent girl and an epic journey of self discovery begins but laced with the sad reality that Ms. Wheeler journey is far from over. I think this book is canon in adoptee rights and legal forums and would recommend this book for social workers, the socially conscious and most importantly those “duped” by the system. I would like to read more from this author concerning her own or the adoptees legal fight to obtain their true identity. Again, well written and thought provoking!

May 27, 2016 1:57:32 PM PDT Ruth Pace says:

as to the “continued” legal fight to regain her identity, the author appeared in Erie County Surrogate’s Court on April 18, 2016 and legally changed her name to the name she was given at birth. This does not make her a legal member of her birthfamily however, because on January 14, 1957, as per New York State law, she ceased to become a legal member of the birthfamily, and became a legal family member of those who adopted her.

In order for her to become a legal member of the birthfamily, she would have to be re-adopted by her birthfamily, and since he died in 2011, that won’t happen. And his estate was settled.
Any further developments would have to be done by changing New York State law, and perhaps federal laws.

She has therefore, regained her ‘legal identity’ – as to becoming a legal member of a family, I could always pay a judge and legally change my name to “the-daughter-of-the-artist-formerly-known-as-prince,” but it wouldn’t make me his legal daughter or a legal member of the family.
I do hope that if the author continues to write about her quest to abolish adoption in the world, that she sticks to the subject and not write about other people’s lives, which are not of her business.

May 30, 2016 3:45:54 AM PDT gert mcqueen says:

This book is strictly the author’s viewpoint slanted for her own propaganda that she was DUPED, by the institution of adoption. This book will not help, or sway anyone or help any law to be changed for the betterment of adoption and adoptees. The only people that were duped are members of two families and we can all figure out those reasons! The book is just a long experiment in creative writing 101, with emphasis on dramatics, sensationalism, and the author’s imagination about what she thinks happened or what she wanted/s to happen. It is a fictional story exposing real people’s lives! If you want truth, don’t be DUPED with this book!


AND of course the next day both our comments were deleted! Yep Mark does have a problem with our side of the story!



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