Reviewer #5, an adoptee, pulls her review/support from Joan M Wheeler’s Amazon page on that lying book ‘duped by adoption!

How many others will ‘see the light’ and back away? Ideally ALL of them! For who wants to be near libelous material?

The book has been proven libelous in the past as I and sister Ruth have written. This current revision contains even more blatant lies, character assassinations and Joan’s own personal propaganda that her miserable life is due to adoption. This revision NO longer has ANY helpful information for reforming adoption, because Joan REMOVED 4 chapters once she was FOUND out, by an adoption reform organization, which she LIED about!

From Amazon we find…

Product info… Forbidden Family, my life as an adoptee duped by adoption. Publisher: Identity Press; 2nd edition (May 4, 2015) Publication Date: May 4, 2015

Now, I didn’t know about the book until June when I stumbled about it and purchased it June 14. As I was reading it, I noted many ‘new’ and disturbing items; in particular this…

“In June of 2014, a group of angry, disgruntled misfit adoptees banded together to form their own activist organization after the NY Legislature slapped a chokehold on the existing Adoptees’ Bill of Rights two days before the bill came up for a vote. In what should have been a vote to give adoptees permission to receive uncertified copies of their sealed birth certificate, NY adoptees roes up, called their legislators to kill the bill. The bill was indeed killed, resulting in yet another year of wasted effort by adoptee activists. Better this than to have a law that would give a small group of hysterical birthmothers, judges, and adoption agencies their way, to claim that ‘birth’ parents have the right to remain anonymous and to redact their names from the released birth certificate and to prevent adoptees from contacting them. The new adoptee lobby group, NY state Adoptee Equality, can be found on facebook and twitter at @NYAdoptEquality.”

At the time that Joan wrote that paragraph and included it in the revised book there was a power struggle going on between Joan and a leader of another Adoptee organization. As will be explained in the following link, I had made public that statement of Joan’s. Unfortunately, I had mistaken another for being Joan, but, Joan’s statement and where it came from, her book became publicly known. And so in July 2015, Joan REMOVED 4 full chapters that included that statement and more. By doing so, the book NO LONGER was a help for reforming adoption, but just a vehicle for Joan to rant against two families. Joan is NOT a reformist. Joan is an abolitionist. Joan’s own words of promotion for the book are LIES.

See this link for the full story

NOW a year later, since the book made its appearance I find, on the afternoon of May 5, 2016, that Heather Kuhn’s review was gone from the Amazon page. Her review ‘was’ #5 in my sequence of blog posts.

So now ‘Duped by Adoption’, Joan M Wheeler’s Amazon page, shows 11 customer reviews

To show just WHERE Joan’s book stands in the ‘big picture’, here are the stats on that page as of May 7, 2016…hardly worth a glance and certainly nothing to gain popular and overwhelming sales!

#768 in Books > Biographies & Memoirs > Leaders & Notable People > Social Activists

#6790 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Biographies & Memoirs > Leaders & Notable People

#10383 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Biographies & Memoirs > Memoirs

One must ask the question…what caused Heather Kuhn to remove her review? Unless she tells us, we have no way of knowing! But I have a suspicion that perhaps…Heather does NOT want to be affiliated with a book that HAS BEEN PROVEN to be libelous.

Just days before Heather pulled her review; I posted a new blog post about just ONE discussion topic on Joan’s ‘author page’, about the previous edition being proven libelous. All discussion topics talk about the various documentations that were submitted to the previous publisher and how Joan broke her contact with them. People REALLY need to look at evidence and back away from a libelous book!

ALSO, as I have shown above because Joan removed four chapters that reflected the need for adoption reform and options and organizations, Heather’s and perhaps others’ reviews NO LONGER are accurate. When a customer reads reviews that say the book is about ‘adoption reform’ and then found out the author REMOVED four chapters and the book is actually just a huge whine of anger…that makes the ‘reviewer’ equally as out of touch with the contents and purpose of the book. Lies and misrepresentations do NOT make for sales!

Amazon, of course, does NOT allow me or my sister Ruth to write a review, because we, are subjects in the book.

To refresh memories…here’s Heather Kuhn’s review (Amazon did removed the link within the review)

The link to my blog post about this review and my response follows.

Thinking of Adoption? Read this book. Format: Kindle Edition “Duped by Adoption”
By Heather Kuhn on September 2, 2015

This is an excellent book written by Joan Wheeler, an adoptee rights activist, who talks about all of the intricacies of her experiences with adoption. She takes her readers on a journey of being adopted, being found, and riding the waves of roller coasters in her reunion with her family. She discusses some real big difficulties with her reunion, and discusses some of the history of her family that affects her relationships.

This is not a fairy tale of adoption. While this is Joan’s personal experience, many other books and articles discuss some of the factors leading families to choose adoptions. And, for those who’ve reunited, they’ve found strange coincidences, history of orphanages in their families, other adoptions, and some beautiful coincidences. Joan tells her story, all the good and bad.

This is not for the weak of heart. Joan also goes into depth about the fraudulent practices of adoption, by falsifying birth certificates. While some proclaim that adoption has changed, the reality is that it has, it has become much more manipulative and coercive. In 1994, a movie, Baby Brokers ( ) came out about international adoption. However, there are also many other stories of parents since then who were coerced, as late as this past year, of parents who were tricked into signing their rights away. But, that is just from the parents perspective. The collateral damage is done to the child of that coercion and fraud, those who have internal (and external) battles between two opposing identities, two, sometimes, opposing sets of parents.

Some people who were adopted decide that they can’t choose, that both sets are their parents. Others claim loyalty to those who changed their diapers so for so long, still others return back to their parents, such as in the recent case of Chelsea O’Donnell, who left Rosie’s home to return to her mother, Deanna, when she was 18. Some choose to abandon all family ties, starting new and fresh. No matter which they choose, the journey is not easy.

Joan paints a picture of just some of the trials that being adopted pose. I hope that you will read her book and go on her journey with her.  End

Here is the link to my blog post in which is my comment to the review as well as my commentaries.

Again…what could have happened to change Heathen Kuhn’s mind? Don’t know, don’t really care! The less number of reviews the better! Remember, comments on individual reviews and on discussion topics are ALWAYS welcomed! So please go ahead and write comments on Amazon.





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