Joan M Wheeler is NOT a ‘Late Discovery Adoptee’! She always KNEW she was adopted!

Joan is a spin-doctor; lying through her teeth! She keeps trying to ‘fit in’ in places she doesn’t belong. She has even tried to pass herself off as a trans-racial adoptee! Nope, she is NOT a trans-racial adoptee! She is just a plain old adoptee from the ‘closed’ records system.

So what else is new? Same old, same old! Problem is that her fellow adoptees NEVER call her on her lies and fabrications. Probably many don’t really READ what Joan writes, for, for the most part, they are all of the same ‘mind-set’ against adoption and believe Joan’s assessment that her birth siblings are damaged goods.

I have been pointing out, via the blogs and the Facebook page (Duped by Adoption)     that Joan has a long history of sucking up to various adoptee activists, working on their coat tails and hanging on their sleeves, and declaring and designating aspects of adoption that just don’t belong to her.

Since she has ‘self-published’ the latest lying garbage, her boilerplate stuff on Amazon has been exposed, by me, and rewritten, by her, SEVERAL TIMES. Each time I’ve pointed out something, she reworks the language to ‘cover’ up what I UNCOVERED; that’s called ‘spin-doctoring’.

Here, in particular, I wish to address the issue of what a Late Discovery Adoptee means and is.

It means that a person did NOT know they were adopted until they were an adult. In other words, during their childhood the FACT that they were adopted was NEVER told to them. This is a vastly different thing from a person being told ALL of their lives that they are adopted!

In Joan’s boiler plate, on Amazon, she is calling herself a ‘late discovery adoptee’. Her first go-round at passing this off, she stated that because she was 18 before she KNEW her birth family MAKES her a Late Discovery Adoptee. Well that’s not correct! I wrote a discussion topic, on Amazon, about that. A month later Joan rewrote and made a DECLARATION statement that she IS a Late Discovery Adoptee. She is WRONG, no matter how she spins the words!

On February 27, 2016 I saw a tweet, asked for a definition, got it, gave a thank you and got a like! Great!

Cryptic Omega ‏@TheCrypticOmega 

Are you a Late Discovery Adoptee? Here’s an #AdopteeSurvey for you, by an Adoptee for Adoptees:  #adoptee #adoption

gert mcqueen ‏@gertmcqueen 

.@TheCrypticOmega what is the definition of a late discovery adoptee?

4:55 PM – 27 Feb 2016

Cryptic Omega ‏@TheCrypticOmega 

@gertmcqueen A somewhat standard definition would be: If you didn’t know you were an Adoptee until you were an adult.

gert mcqueen‏@gertmcqueen

.@TheCrypticOmega thanks

To which she ‘liked’ my tweet!


Well…there you have a definition DIRECTLY from an adoptee, who is NOT Joan M Wheeler.

Now take a look at how Joan first wrote about this, my comment and then how she CHANGED her statement, hoping to by-pass any further discussion.

I first addressed this point on Amazon discussion Jan 2, 2016 1:18:44 PM PST


Author writes:

Joan is a displaced and resettled person by adoption. Raised as an only child, she knew she was adopted, but did not know the full truth. The shock of being found and reunited with her siblings and father after an 18 year separation makes her a Late Discovery Adoptee.

My comments:

Ah yes, the author is a late discovery adoptee, except, and I could be mistaken, but I thought that a late discovery meant that the individual NEVER knew they were adopted until later. And if we LOOK at the way the author states this she is attempting to get around this little known aspect. The author states, knew she was adopted, but did not know the full truth and so the shock of being found and reunited makes her a late discovery adoptee.
Upon researching the term I find these two definitions; The term “late discovery adoptee” refers to those who learn they are adopted once they are adults. And Late discovery adoption refers to a person learning in adulthood that they were adopted as children. Those of us who discovered their adoption status as adults are sometimes called late discovery adoptees, or LDAs, though not everyone embraces this label.

But like I said I could be mistaken, but seems to me the author is spinning yet another tall-tale that isn’t quite true.


And here is the second time I discussed this point, on Amazon, Feb 7, 2016 9:39:32 AM PST


Author writes:

Joan is a displaced and resettled person by adoption. She is a Late Discovery Adoptee, a half-orphan in her actual family,a legitimate bastard in her adoptive family, and the victim of government mandated identity theft and reassignment.

My comment…

The author clearly is NOT a Late Discovery Adoptee. She knew from early childhood that she was adopted. A Late Discovery Adoptee is one who finds out they are adopted when they ARE AN ADULT. The author is side-stepping this issue, co-opting the term to gain additional support, and intentionally stating a falsehood.


Let’s look again at the definition that Cryptic Omega gave me….

‘A somewhat standard definition would be:

If you didn’t know you were an Adoptee until you were an adult.


Joan M Wheeler KNEW she was adopted from her earliest years! She’s a spin-doctor, a con-artist and a liar!

She is no Late Discovery Adoptee

AND here is the permalink to my third attempt at pointing this out…

As a comment to my Amazon comment
Ruth Pace says:

She says in her book that she had been told by her adoptive parents AS A CHILD that she was adopted. And when we were reunited with her, she did tell us, her birth sisters that she had known since she was a CHILD that she was adopted. Therefore, yes, you are correct, Joan Mary Wheeler is NOT a ‘late discovery’ adoptee.
Either she is a blatant liar, or she does not know the correct terminology of adoptees. Since she keeps bragging that she is one of ‘the’ most informed adoption activists that ever was born, Joan Mary Wheeler now has egg on her face.




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