Review #13 for Duped by Adoption; Adoption, a view from the other side #11 or 12 Larry Beahan

Joan M Wheeler has been enlisting friends that think like her or whom she has conned, into writing reviews and counter-commenting to the birth sisters and/or to delete our comments!

Joan must have certain types of friends; for without them, to boast her self-interests, she is nothing and will amount to nothing. This is a sign of narcissistic behavior; the only person of value to them is someone they can use/con.

So who are these friends? Well Joan only has two groups; adoptees that think like her and selective people she has conned (like Brian Maloney) that include members of a writer’s group. Naturally those that are not adoptees must believe in the same ‘party line’ that Joan feeds them or they are of no use to her. We have seen how Joan uses people, like Brian, and once they are of no use to Joan, she tosses them aside.

Members of this group  of which Joan is a member, have written reviews of Joan’s book. Fred Tomasello Jr (review #1) Ruth Willerth (review #12), Larry Beahan (review #13)

Where are the adoptees? Those that have reviewed and/or commented, in the past, know enough when to back away. Many others have distanced themselves from Joan long ago. Joan really is a marginalized adoptee. One also wonders, where are other people, to write reviews of this non-book? The only ones so far are Joan’s friends, her birth sisters and adoptees that think like Joan.

So, here is review #13…

Adoption, a view from the other side.

By Larry Beahan on January 23, 2016  Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

Joan Mary Wheeler gives us an eye-opening, other, view of adoption. At first glance, giving a baby a clean-slate new start in a family where she is wanted and erasing the past, seems like absolutely the right thing to do. But what if you are that infant and eventually discover you are not who you thought you were and the law denies you access to your real identity? What if you’d simply like to know if alzheimer’s runs in your genetic line?
Or God forbid what if your two families want to squabble about who you belong to. I can now see Ms Wheeler’s case for doing away with all this secrecy about adoption and yet I feel strongly for adoptive parents who want to make an adopted child into one of their own blood. Read this amazing book and get a look at the other side of adoption.

As a side note; Larry placed his review, as a comment, on Fred’s review; that’s review #one. That’s what gave it away…that Larry and Fred know each other! A quick check of the writer’s group brought out Ruth Willerth’s name as well. Birds of a feather…

My reply….Your initial post: Jan 23, 2016 5:13:25 PM PST

gert mcqueen says:

Many do not deny, me included, that there is a great need for medical/heritage records for adoptees. Wheeler would have done better, for her cause of open adoption records, by NOT writing falsehoods about her two families; particularly when there are so many facts that disprove her stories! There’s nothing amazing about this pitiful book!
So she was adopted! The laws, as they exist, state certain conditions…no member of either family, violated the rule of law. Change the way laws are written, by going via proper channels. Writing falsehoods about family members certainly will never change the laws. People that have the power to make changes, in the adoption laws, read this book and see the need to keep records closed.

Because of the author’s palpable hatred she has no compassion for anyone who adopts! Larry you said, `yet I feel strongly for adoptive parents who want to make an adopted child into one of their own blood.’ Wheeler cares not about the sacred parent/child relationship? What grounds did that was there to violate another’s decision to adopt their own 16 year old? Because, she said, adoption would change his birth certificate? Not her decision or opinion to make! Because she was banned from the children, she fabricated false child abuse reports. Nice going! Regular folks have enough brains to decide, for themselves, whether adoption is right for them, for others, or not at all; they certainly don’t need to have some kind of fabricated drama trumped up by an angry adoptee.

Larry Beahan says: Jan 24 ON FRED’S REVIEW

All this controversy about “Forbidden Family: My Life as an Adoptee Duped by Adoption” must be creating a lot of interest in the book. They say there is no such thing as bad publicity when it comes to selling books. If only Ms Wheeler could get “banned in Boston” there would be a movie made of it with in the year.

in reply on Jan 24, 2016 5:28:11 AM PST

gert mcqueen says: ON FRED’S REVIEW

The interest in the book is limited to supporters of the author and those that are not; both circles are quite small! Bad publicity, like garbage, is indeed a negative thing! But, selling books and having a movie of her life is all the author has ever wanted! So by all means…go for it, knock yourselves out! Go after it with gusto! Save me the best seat in the house!


As I’ve pointed out, these members of the writer’s group, belong to the same group that is enchanted with Joan’s version of her life. Guaranteed, if those three individuals ever saw Joan in real action they’d head for the hills to get away from her. But Joan is very clever and knows how to turn on the charm, be it to man or woman. Joan is a user and an abuser.

I can only show what is current at any given time, and as the idiots keeping coming on.

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