What does Joan M Wheeler do on the eve of her 60th birthday?

Celebrate? Relax? Be with friends? Contemplate? Of course not! We know that she had a lousy Christmas, so her birthday must have been a great one?! Not!

No she searches the Internet looking for something to blow her stack over…and she found one.

In the following news story, she browbeats people over the evils of ADOPTION! She uses her ‘mantra’ that ONLY THE USE OF GUARDIANSHIP is acceptable! Her drum beat is… adoption is legal identity theft! On and on and on and on…keeping this up, her life span is very limited! She has NO LIFE in her LIFE. All she has is her constant refrain…the evils of adoption! (Joan is ‘adopteefedup’ on yahoo)

I saw the following January 7, 2016, comments speak for themselves, the time noted are when I captured and commented on the post.


adopteefedup 20 hours ago

I’m sorry, Adam. I’ve learned a lot from you over the years. I appreciate our friendship and professionalism. However, adoption is not the answer. And you know why.

Adoption without the ownership papers, without the change of title, without legally changing the child’s parents on paper, without the change of the child’s name, without the falsification of a new birth certificate, without the revocation and sealing of the child’s actual birth certificate, the legal process to take in a child who needs a home and parental figures and love is called Guardianship.

Guardianship respects the child’s name at birth. Guardianship respects that the child has one mother and one father. Period. Guardianship keeps the child’s birth certificate intact and does not replace it with a false one. Guardianship does not revoke the official certification of child’s actual birth certificate. Nor does Guardianship seal the child’s actual birth certificate forever.

Adoption is legal identity theft.

No amount of love is worth the erasure of one’s natural-born identity.

Then I commented…

Gert 4 minutes ago

Adopteefedup is just that…fed up because she hates adoption, wants to eliminate it from the face of the globe. I doubt very much that she has a ‘friendship’ with Adam Pertman and as far as ‘professionalism’ is concerned, adopteefedup doesn’t know the first thing about professionalism. The only thing she knows how to do is GO AFTER people that adopt! She did it to me! Violated my parental rights and authority, when I ADOPTED, because she hates adoption!

Guardianship does NOT always work or it is NOT feasible. It was NOT USED by her birth family for some of the many reasons that guardianship can NOT be USED by many birth families. ADOPTION was the only acceptable choice by her birth family! She hates adoption, that is why she is ‘fedup’. She never accepted the love of the adoptive family and when she had the birth family she destroyed all the LOVE.

End of comments

And so we see that in the 60th year of Joan’s life, she has NOTHING better to do with her life!

She has a ‘mission impossible’ to rid the world of ADOPTION.

What a shame! What a waste! But hey that’s her choice, so she ought NOT bitch when others call her on her BS.


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