Joan M Wheeler has just reached a significant birth date; #60

Happy Birthday Joan! How many more years are you going to waste on hate and anger?

I’ve lived long enough now to know that there are several ‘significant’ birthdates; 30, 50, 60 and…

Well I can NOT project beyond 60 as I am still IN my 60s; not for long… but still…

I made several significant life-changes in my 50s. The best thing I ever did for myself was to do yoga. After 5 years of general yoga, in 2003, age 56, I began my journey into Ashtanga yoga and my life has NOT been the same since! On the eve of my 70s I am physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually more than I have ever been in my life! And I’m not done yet! My partner,  76, is a 3rd degree Black Belt! Continuing on, by the time he is 80 he will have what Willy Nelson has; a ‘master’s degree’ in Karate!

In any life, there are times when one will be hateful and angry, but…when it comes down to LIVING LIFE…who has time to be angry and hateful…all the time? There’s anger and hate and then there’s anger and hate! Joan just doesn’t know, that the kind she has, will led her to an early grave. How do I know? Just look at what she says, over and over again. She’s angry because she’s adopted! She hates adoption! She thinks (!) she is helping reform adoption…NOT…because she wants to abolish an institution that will exist as long as humans are around. She is NOT interested in reform so therefore she hates and is angry.

Joan always talks about her age; she’s been doing adoption reform for x amount of years…bullshit! She’s been an activist for x amount of years…double bullshit. She knows this and that…triple bullshit! Joan is KILLING herself and she don’t even know it! (yes I know I used the wrong word)

I’ve known several women who at age 50 began NEW careers, going to school and then working for another 20 years for a second retirement! I’ve known and do know many women in their 60s, 70s, and 80s that are amazingly physically ACTIVE as well as mentally active! Many are VOLUNTEERS, doing for others, can’t do that if you hate and are angry every day. I know many women who hold down TWO jobs and maintain their families! I was able to retire, with full retirement at age 60 and SS at age 62. I am fortunate and am thankful for my blessings. I also must be careful and cautious for I’m only human. I have had medical conditions and most likely will have more. Life is good, but I know that that can change in a MOMENT. So I don’t have the luxury of hating and being angry all the time! Apparently Joan can!

Of course, I’ve known and know many women, and men, who are aged and old and dying LONG before they should have! Why? In most cases they did NOT listen to their bodies and souls and did NOT make significant life-style changes. Joan blames her illnesses on ADOPTION, so I guess that makes her SPECIAL and immune?!

Age 60 is the first mile-stone of ‘old age’.  In today’s world, if a person has NOT made significant life-style changes in their 50s, by the time they are 60, the chances that they reach 70, with a good ‘quality’ of life, they are for all practical purposes, already living a prolonged death. In Joan’s case, she has a life-time of serious medical/psychological illness and she has DONE NOTHING to eliminate the cause of them; her hatred and anger. Joan lives FOR her anger and hate!

Some people, men and women alike, will have serious medically issues and live a slow death and die within a few years either side of retirement; I’ve seen that happen many times. I’ve seen and know many people in their 70s who do NOTHING but stay on the computer or lay around the house, going nowhere, doing nothing. I see many, in my personal life and life around me, that are in their 60s, 70s, and yes 80s that are very angry, hateful and bitter, about what-ever and have a very dismal existence. I live in senior housing and I’ve seen it all! Their quality of life is what they sowed! And continue to sow!

My quality of life is what I make it! Your quality of life is what you make it!

Forget about aspects of socio-economic difference; some fall, other rise! Life is NOT AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EVENT. The fates, or gods, give you a life, you make it or you don’t. Laying blame on this, that and the other thing is NOT going to get you a better quality of life. Play the cards you were dealt with and LIVE YOUR LIFE; without hate and anger.

Recently the following post, of mine, from 2012, was looked at. As I ‘re-read’ it struck me just how stuck Joan is in her anger and hate. She really doesn’t have long to live with those energies. And if she does live long, her life with NOT be of any kind of good quality. She has created her OWN cells and is and will continue to live with what she has sown within her own body.

I said…

‘There really isn’t a whole lot that can be said about Joan’s ranting and raving…but if one pays close attention, to her words, you can see, not only her anger, but the various kinds of negative self-talk she has used for decades, and how she attempts to overturn those negative statements. Only problem is, is that it is ingrained in her very cells! She can not remove the negative aspects of her self-talk or her behavior any more than she can change the color of her skin! She is what she is and she will never change. Unless…she learns to drop all the hate and anger and remove the two hateful lying blogs against the birth family and then learn to accept her lot in life…that she was adopted!’

Note…the ‘two hateful blogs’ are still up and running! As well as a second BOOK! And her constant telling about how horrible her life is because of being adopted!

NOW Joan can change things…as I said…by DROPING the hate and anger…but will she?

My guess is NO, for Joan is in LOVE WITH HER PAIN. Don’t take my word for it…read this…

anyway…as long as Joan continues to spread lies I shall continue to counter them with the truth.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOAN!  Your death is just around that corner, how’s that hate and anger going to help you on your death bed? Who is going to hold your hand, then?


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