Current list of blog posts related to reviews about DUPED BY ADOPTION

As a member of the ‘birth family’, my life, my children’s lives, my entire family’s lives, along with the lives of the adopted parents family, mostly the MOTHER, have been maligned in this revisited (revised over and over again) by one, Joan M Wheeler, hater of adoption, her two families and ANYONE who is in the least bit pro-adoption.

None of us, which are WRITTEN about in this garbage book, were given prior knowledge that OUR lives would be written about, we had NO input into the contents of the bookS (plural books), we gave NO permission for our lives to be discussed, slandered and libeled, and fabricated like a soap opera!

And so…we do what we have been doing and must do…write blog posts exposing the dirty deeds of Joan M Wheeler.

At this time, 6 January 2016, there are 11 reviews, with several comments, and blog posts that I have written about each. The links to MY BLOG POSTS are in this post.

In addition I have currently four discussion topics on Amazon, related to various contents of the book (chapter and verse). More to come as time permits. I SHALL address everything in this book, one way or another. It is my life’s mission to address every lie that Joan has written about myself and my family! She didn’t learn the first time around…and so we go at it again! Until she STOPS.

So, after you take a look and read my blog posts, on these reviews, check out my ‘discussion’ topics for the book. And by all means CONTRIBUTE to the discussions. These discussions are about WHAT actually is in the book and WHAT it all means, on a professional analytical fashion. Any author’s words, and work, ought to hold up to critical thinking and analysis.

Permalink to my discussions:

And links to my blog posts on the reviews…






this reviewer deleted their review









with a couple of deleted reviews…the current count is 12








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