Joan M Wheeler’s attempts at rehabilitating her propaganda boilerplate materials on Amazon

Boy do I have power or what?! 

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I find it so interesting to note that Joan DOES bow down to my evaluation of her writings! Because of MY criticisms and exposure of her hate, anger and mistruths, she HAD to do major rewrites on Amazon. Gosh she might learn something after all, and, readers will see just what ‘is’ behind that curtain of Joan Wheeler’s agenda!

Here is what I placed on the Amazon discussion topic regarding her rewrites.

A new discussion topic

changes in what’s in the book, about the author and bio sections

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gert mcqueen says:

I’ve notice that as of Jan 2016, the author has changed the About the Author, what’s in the book, and the Biography segments here on Amazon. I guess an author has the right to do so, but, doing so makes it look kind of suspicious. I mean, when that author’s written words are looked at, questioned, criticized, or otherwise challenged, one would think the author would CLARIFY instead of ELIMINATE what another has criticized, questioned or challenged. But hey that’s my own opinion. On the other hand, if the author is trying to rehabilitate the perception, here on Amazon, of what others read about this book, the author ought to KNOW that the original material still does EXIST on other mediums and like forever.

What I mean about rehabilitating, is the removal of much of the drama the author had in the first and the ways in which her eliminations cover up the facts of certain previously published materials that have been criticized and challenged. In any event, looking at this new stuff, the same propaganda is in both sections making one of them redundant but again, if the author doesn’t mind repeating herself. The typos are the author’s.
From the what’s in the book section.

Author writes: Raised from infancy as an only child, 18 year old Joan Mary Wheeler knows only that she was adopted. Still in high school, she is found by siblings she was never supposed to know. They tell her that she was the youngest of five children born to married parents, that their mother died when she was three months old, and that her name was Doris Michol Sippel. What happens next is the unfolding of family secrets and betrayal, joys of discovery, sadness of time lost, and the push and pull of two families on the one person they share. This is the story of a reunion and its aftermath that spans four decades. Through it all, one central question drives her:Why does discrimination against bastards, orphans, and the adopted still persist?

My comments: Yes, a lot of that hate and anger has been eliminated here! Is it possible that the author is beginning to SEE that when she speaks hate and anger she does herself great harm? Don’t care actually! It is interesting to note that the author DOES bow down to my evaluation of her writings!

Now from the about the author and bio section

Author writes: Joan Mary Wheeler is an American civil rights activist fighting for the freedom of 7 to 10 million domestically-born and foreign-born adopted and donor-conceived people. She is an adoption abolitionist promoting family preservation, kinship care,and guardianship instead of adoption.

My comments: Well at least the author comes CLEAN about being an abolitionist! No more beating around that bush of being a REFORMIST and HELPING adoptees. No wonder the author removed those four chapters; they were about possible ways for reform. This also PROVES my conclusion; that the author’s intent is to expose and exploit members of her two families to prove the author’s assertion, that;her life is a mess because of ADOPTION.

Author writes: Joan is a displaced and resettled person by adoption. Raised as an only child, she knew she was adopted, but did not know the full truth. The shock of being found and reunited with her siblings and father after an 18 year separation makes her a Late Discovery Adoptee.

My comments: Ah yes, the author is a late discovery adoptee, except, and I could be mistaken, but I thought that a late discovery meant that the individual NEVER knew they were adopted until later. And if we LOOK at the way the author states this she is attempting to get around this little known aspect. The author states, knew she was adopted, but did not know the full truth and so the shock of being found and reunited makes her a late discovery adoptee.

Upon researching the term I find these two definitions;

The term “late discovery adoptee” refers to those who learn they are adopted once they are adults.

And Late discovery adoption refers to a person learning in adulthood that they were adopted as children. Those of us who discovered their adoption status as adults are sometimes called late discovery adoptees, or LDAs, though not everyone embraces this label.

But like I said I could be mistaken, but seems to me the author is spinning yet another tall-tale that isn’t quite true.

Author writes: Joan began researching and writing about civil and human rights of adopted people at age19 in 1975. Her articles have appeared in The Erie Daily Times, The Buffalo News, and social work journals in The United States and England. Her autobiographical journal article was translated into Dutch and published in an anthology book of essays on adoption,Kind Van Ander Ouders (Child of Other Parents). Joan was a contributing writer in government publications: The United States Congressional Record, The United States President’s Council on Bioethics (on the rights of donor-conceived persons), and the Australian Law Reform Commission of New South Wales. She has been interviewed on radio and television in The United States, Canada, and England.

My comments: note change in age and year she began, makes her more-mature than the 18 year old HS senior, when found. Yes, the author removed the title of the article, The Secret is Out, that family objected to as well as not mentioning the author’s first book, Forbidden Family, A Half Orphan’s Account of Her Adoption, Reunion and Social Activism. I note that the social work journals are NOT named; therefore the articles can NOT be read. I still have found NO reference to the author being a contributing writer to The United States Congressional Record, The United States President’s Council on Bioethics. All that is available there is the comment paper that the author read at a public comment session. I also note that no dates are given for all the radio and TV interviews.

Author writes: Her articles on identity theft through adoption and donor-conception were published on Dissident Voice website, 2015.

My comments: I have read the articles and they are quite good for the author is not attacking family members, only the institution of adoption.

Author writes: Joan is the owner of Identity Press, an independent publisher specializing in memoir and of adopted and donor-conceived people, 2015.

My comments: good luck with that!

Author writes: She received a Bachelor of Arts from Mercyhurst College (now Mercyhurst University) in Erie,Pennsylvania (1978) and a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from State University of New York College at Buffalo, graduating Cum Laude (1999). Joan Mary Wheeler resides in Buffalo, New York,USA, fifteen miles southeast of Niagara Falls.

My comments: Actually the author does NOT live in Buffalo as noted on Facebook! Also note the elimination of several jobs and other personal family information and a book of poetry not related to adoption. So much for rehabilitating her propaganda! The truth still exists out there.

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