What’s in the book? Besides personal propaganda BS, deliberate exploitation and exposure of two families? Another discussion topic!

Joan M Wheeler’s latest ‘revised’ nonsense titled, ‘Forbidden Family, My life as an adoptee duped by adoption’ is available on Amazon, in both e-book and now printed format. Big Deal! Neither will make Joan famous or rich. Why? Because she writes in a trashy manner and will only attract people who are into ‘reality type programing’. Real people can see right through the BS and see the trashy side of this person. That’s why there are ‘reviews’ and ‘comments’ to reviews and discussion topics. I do my best to tell the world about what’s IN THE BOOK.

These books also will NOT change anything in adoption reform! Why? Because they have NOTHING to do with any form of adoption reform or birth certificates.

Her continuation of publishing books has EVERYTHING to do with Joan’s personal hateful campaign against EVERYONE in both families! Joan hates adoption because she was adopted.

Before I present my newest ‘discussion topic’, on Amazon, here are links to my new blog and Facebook page devoted to exposing this latest ‘revision’ of Joan’s garbage.



Here is the direct link to my discussion topic, ‘Author’s description of what’s in the book’, which follows.



Author’s description of what’s in the book.

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gert mcqueen says:

the topic here is  author’s description of what’s in the book

I wish to start a discussion because, between the e-book edition, and now the printed edition, of a ‘second edition’ of a previous book, I find some strange things and errors. Certainly the most glaring of all is the use of ‘drama’ to pull people in to this book. Let’s discuss things so we can understand this author more fully!

Author says…  Born the youngest of five children to married parents in 1956, four month old Doris Michol Sippel is relinquished to pre-adoptive parents by her father following her mother’s death.

I question and/or ask…is it 4 months or 3 months? Can’t be just a typo cause the author spelled the word out here (four) but elsewhere the author says it’s 3 months! For such a renowned author, writer, activist she is either too sloppy in her editing or is engaging in too MUCH rewriting and can’t recall what she wrote before.

I also question of ‘wisdom’ of exposing and exploiting members of two families; the obvious use of family sur-names, the use of pictures, full names, documentations, all without showing proof that permission was given. Dead people can’t sue, as the author states, somehow doesn’t cut it!

Author says…  She becomes Joan Mary Wheeler through a private (non-agency) closed adoption. Joan grows up an only child in a modest suburban home with loving parents, private schools, and a large extended family. In her senior year of high school, Joan answers a phone call that changes her perception of family: she is found by siblings she was never supposed to know.

I question and/or ask…Without going into, at this junction, the ‘issues’ of closed adoption, the fact REMAINS that YES indeed she would have grown up without ‘knowing’ she had siblings, etc. So that is NOTHING really remarkable. In fact, the author states herself, in the book that she was ‘looking’ for her family. It would only be a matter of time for HER to have found the birth family. Again, there is NOTHING really remarkable here…except…

Author says…  Shocked, Joan realizes that her parents knew the secret yet deliberately lied to her.

I question and/or ask…This secret, once opened up, via that phone call, BECAME a weapon, by which the author used to browbeat and hurt the very people who ADOPTED HER. The author details much about her relationship with the adoptive mother as well as her hatred for being adopted in THIS BOOK. The author leaves no doubts as to whom she blames for her ‘lot in life’. How does this help the cause for ‘open’ adoption records?

Author says…  Joan’s life becomes a mix of anxiety, confusion, joy, grief and anger. She juggles two sets of real parents and families while attending college. She joins adoptees’ support groups and begins writing about adoptees’ rights in local newspapers at age 19, despite disapproval of many members of her two families.

I question and/or ask…Who paid for that college education? Perhaps there were some real concerns, from members of the two families about privacy? Apparently, such concerns don’t matter, as the author gives out real names, addresses, pictures and more, in these reversions. How can any of that help the cause of open adoption records?

Author says…  Criticism turns to mocking, false accusations, hate mail and phone calls, and death threats as Joan tries to make sense of her life. Terrorized for decades, Joan is driven to the brink of suicide. She climbs out, only to be dragged down repeatedly by abusive relatives from both families who invade her life.

I question and/or ask…gosh, such a dramatic life she has had! Is this for real or is it hyperbole? Terrorized? Why? By Whom? Suicide? Where’s her therapist? Dragged down repeatedly? Abusive relatives? Invade!…her life!! Sounds like a reality TV show! Is this going to help open adoption records?

Author says…  When her marriage deteriorates, she leaves her husband and lives in poverty with their two children. She earns a second college degree, begins a career path then succumbs to stress-induced illnesses.

I question and/or ask…’spoiler alert’…the author moves back in her adoptive mother’s home, where she still lives today! And again, I ask, who PAID for a 2nd college degree? I thought the author was IN POVERTY? According to what is in this book, the author states she’s been in therapy, for decades, so why does the author not ‘let go’ of the stress-induced WORK of writing and rewriting, several times, about these horrible episodes in her life?

Author says…  Through it all, one central question drives her: Why does discrimination against bastards, orphans, and the adopted exist?

I question and/or ask…this, discrimination, is the author’s ‘central theme’ BUT to get to it, the author has felt the NEED to expose and exploit members of two families to justify WHAT? What is GAINED with this book? Certainly, NO change in the existing ways that adoption is done today! How can this book help change ‘open adoption’ laws?

Author says…  Joan asserts, “We, The People, can and must end discrimination against adoptees by insisting on Federal legislation to override State laws to restore adoptees’ civil and human rights to the non-restricted and non-redacted certified truth of our births (a right we had prior to 1930 nationwide, and prior to 1936 in New York), and to end the 85-year-long practice of creating amended – falsified – birth certificates for each new adoptee in America.”

I question and/or ask…This seems to be an example of ‘delusions of grandeur’! The author’s use of ‘We, The People!  Oh please!! I for ONE am one of THE PEOPLE and I certainly don’t agree with this author’s views or actions. In fact, I quite resent the fact that this author has taken up a ‘bully pulpit’ and used members of two families with such recklessness! If the author wants these adoption laws changed, this book and any further ‘revision’ of this book, certainly will NEVER do it.





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