A lesson on Amazon’s automated printing & pricing via ‘my life as an adoptee, duped by adoption’

Yep that’s Joan M Wheeler’s latest title of the same old story of her garbage life. Which, by the way, has NOTHING to do with adoption reform or activism. Whatever WAS related to those IMPORTANT topics, for adoptees, that was in the first edition of ‘forbidden family’ are now GONE from this new and improved… is there a barf bag handy?…story of her life! That means both the e-book and the printed versions of her hate-manifesto are just her narcissistic ramblings.

And as we know…that’s why NO MAINSTREAM ADOPTEE BOOK LIST HAS HER BOOK. She’s doing this all on her own.

But this post is about HOW Amazon’s automatic system works to get people to BUY a PRINTED book.

I purchased the printed book on Nov 5, 2015. Once my payment authorization, for the ‘store card’, was approved, (that took a bit of time) I noted, on the Amazon’s site for this book, that suddenly there appeared MORE NEW AND USED BOOKS, and, at VARIOUS PRICES. I noted that each day those numbers CHANGED.

So as of tonight, Nov 12, the numbers are;

Printed version $19.99

4 used from $34.52

9 new from $17.66

AMAZING isn’t it! In one week’s time there are 9 new books and 4 used books when in actually ONLY ONE BOOK WAS PURCHASED…mine.

Who would pay $34.52 for a USED book, when they could get a NEW one for $17.66? or less? You really don’t want to know what I actually PAID for this book!!! What with discount and other items…the AUTHOR will be getting PENNIES… for her hard work of writing about FAMILY MEMBERS as she EXPLOITS them! Isn’t Karma great!

And get this…the print date on the copy that arrived today is NOV 5, 2015, the very DAY I PURCHASED THE BOOK. That’s called ‘print on demand’! There are NO NEW OR USED BOOKS AVAILABLE! That is an automated system that projects numbers hoping to increase sales. Don’t be a fool, just because Joan is!

I’m here to tell you…don’t buy the f…ing book, it’s not worth a penny! Particularly if you are an adoptee looking to learn something worthwhile about adoption reform and activism…it’s not in this garbage…she TOOK IT OUT. She took it OUT when I EXPOSED what she had in it when she published the e-book, back in June 2015!

And I’m just getting started on EXPOSING the changes she made from this current revision with what she had in the past. Liars are always liars.

Before I leave, for now, please take a look at these new pages dedicated to this piece of shit, for I will be writing about every word of this crap. Don’t spend your money, read my pages, for FREE.






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