What is SO compelling about Joan M Wheeler’s book, DUPED BY ADOPTION?

I just placed ANOTHER point on the discussion thread for Joan’s book.

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Your post: Sep 23, 2015 3:11:47 PM PDT  a purchaser says:

Compelling! On this discussion I quoted the author of the ‘forward’, Rene Hoksbergen, of this book (My life as an adoptee duped by adoption) and asked a question.

4) `A life story of an adoptee can be very compelling. This is definitely the case with Joan Wheeler’s account.’ … why? What is so compelling about her account?

Heather Kuhn answered… ‘In terms of “What is so compelling about her account?” I would say, that is all the MORE reason for people to read the book!’

Of course, neither person seemed to tell me what is ‘compelling’ about this book.  So, I got to wondering about the meaning of this word; compelling.

From the Encyclopedia Britannica

compel compelled compelling    to drive — more at felt

to drive or urge forcefully or irresistibly ‹hunger compelled him to eat›
to cause to do or occur by overwhelming pressure ‹public opinion compelled her to sign the bill›
3 archaicto drive together, force

compelling that compels: as

a forceful ‹a personality›  b :demanding attention ‹for reasons› c convincing ‹no evidence›

From the American Heritage Dictionary


  1. To force, drive, or constrain; Duty compelled him to volunteer.
  2. To necessitate or pressure by force; exact; The energy crisis compels fuel conservation.

Okay, so there’s the meanings! But, I still ask the question; what is SO compelling about her account? Here’s MY answer.

To be compelled means some sort of ‘felt drive’ to ‘do something’. Joan M Wheeler has a ‘felt drive’ to do something; to tell her story. BUT why? Because she believes that she was ‘duped by adoption’! She wants to ‘pressure by force’, be it her personality, words or tactics, to ‘convince’ by applying ‘overwhelming pressure’ and ‘demanding attention’ without (from this reader/writer’s opinion) NO EVIDENCE for her positions. I see NOTHING in her story that suggests that her story is compelling! If anything, this book rails against the institution of adoption!



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