Review #six (6) of ‘Forbidden Family; My Life as an Adoptee Duped by Adoption’ by Joan M Wheeler #6 Gina Miller

I’m flabbergasted and dumbfounded!

There really isn’t much more I can say at this junction. Here’s the review and my comment both of which are on Amazon.

Thank you for veing a vpice for adoptees. A great book

ByGINA MILLER “redbyrde2000”on September 17, 2015

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Thank you for writing a true account of adoptee life. All too often adoptee’s stories are silenced and only then stories of the biological patents or the adoptive parents are listened to. Yet adoptees are the only victims of a trauma (separation from family) in which they are not only expected to never grieve or look for their missing family, but to show gratitude to the family that separated them. Thank you Joan for the voice you provided to adoptees. Keep fighting for us to get our birth certificates, a right that we are allowed under the 15th amendment, yet denied us by all but 7 states in rhe U.S.  (end)

My comment

Your initial post: Sep 17, 2015 4:42:40 PM PDT

a purchaser says:

This is A REVIEW? Gosh, Gina, have you ever heard about the spell checker, or, fact checking?

How do you know this book is a ‘true’ account of adoptee life? Just because it is written by an adoptee does NOT make it a truly true account; at best you can call this book ‘a one-sided account’. The author herself calls the book ‘MY LIFE AS AN ADOPTEE DUPED BY ADOPTION’. That makes the book biased to the adoptee’s point of view, with NO recourse or rebuttal from ANYONE mentioned in the book, be they adopted or birth family members. So, ALL references to these family members is CONDITIONED by the voice of the ADOPTEE; hardly a fair representation.

Gina, you say, ‘adoptees are the only victims of a trauma (separation from family) in which they are not only expected to never grieve or look for their missing family’

Oh really! Victims of ‘trauma’ are only adoptees? What about the birth siblings?

And Gina, you say, that adoptees ‘never grieve’ or ‘look for their family’ (member)! Oh really?? What about the birth siblings?

How do you, Gina, see these quotes from the book, wherein, the author quotes or recounts an ‘older birth sibling’s’ account?

Chapter 2 Truth “It was my memory of you that wouldn’t die. Year after year, on your birthday, I’d ask Daddy if he knew whose birthday it was. He’d nod his head, but wouldn’t look at me. He knew where you were, but wouldn’t tell me. Daddy never spoke of you, or Momma, but he knew I wasn’t gonna give up. Neither were the others. We were kids, but we knew we had a baby sister out there someplace.”

Chapter 4 Prior Knowledge “My oldest sister told me the truth about my birth and my adoption from her point of view. The more I thought about the facts as they were presented, the more questions I had. I needed answers.”

Gina you said, ‘but to show gratitude’…well, from my LONG life I’ve learned that if a person DOES NOT show gratitude FOR their life, or to those THAT had given even one minute of time to their life, the person, who can’t do that, is just plain miserable; perhaps the author?

Gina, how exactly has the author ‘fought’ for your rights? I’m sure readers would like to know.

15th Amendment? The right for African Americans to VOTE! What does THAT have to do with this book?

This reviewer has only proven that she regurgitates the author’s propaganda, for the reviewer hadn’t bothered to do any FACT FINDING.    End of my comment.

UPDATE  January 2016

since the above, my comment has been deleted, I edited and reposted, it was deleted, I edited it again and reposted…it is current up, for the moment, it does appear that Gina does NOT like my comments.

here are the others reviews…













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