My initial review, of Joan M Wheeler’s e-book, placed on Amazon

I had ‘found’ this new and improved piece of garbage by accident in June of 2015. Both Ruth and I have been ‘enjoying’ it waiting to see what developed. Joan herself had been very quiet about it.

But then I broke our silence when I ended up quoting her, from this new book, on a news site, July 17, 2015.

Here is the quote/location 8019 of Joan’s that I quoted…

‘In June of 2014, a group of angry, disgruntled misfit adoptees banded together to form their own activist organization after the NY Legislature slapped a chokehold on the existing Adoptees’ Bill of Rights two days before the bill came up for a vote. In what should have been a vote to give adoptees permission to receive uncertified copies of their sealed birth certificate, NY adoptees roes (rose?) up, called their legislators to kill the bill. The bill was indeed killed, resulting in yet another year of wasted effort by adoptee activists. Better this than to have a law that would give a small group of hysterical birthmothers, judges, and adoption agencies their way, to claim that ‘birth’ parents have the right to remain anonymous and to redact their names from the released birth certificate and to prevent adoptees from contacting them. The new adoptee lobby group, NY state Adoptee Equality, can be found on facebook and twitter at @NYAdoptEquality.’

When I placed that quote on the news story a representative of the organization knew nothing about it or who wrote it and said that it does NOT represent the organization. This MEANS that Joan LIED about and MISREPRESENTED this organization. It is IN PRINT in this new piece of garbage! Joan has no sense of what she does!

In any event, Joan immediately took action, when she saw that I quoted from her book. Within hours of my quoting her, she ANNOUCED the book in a ‘world-wide’ Amazon event! What utter bullshit!

So, not having been back to Amazon, since I purchased the garbage, I checked the site and noted that there were three reviews.

Here in this post is my initial review, which admittedly was hastily written.

Be it known that this ‘new’ e-book is just the same book that was published by Trafford Publications, in 2009, and pulled from publication, by the publisher because it was deemed that the author, Joan M Wheeler, violated their contract. She signed a contract that said there was no libelous materials in the book. Two birth sisters provided documents to prove that what Joan Wheeler wrote, about the birth family members, were indeed untrue, and many others aspects of Trafford’s rules. The birth sisters myself and Ruth Sippel Pace have had this e-book since June 2015. Eventually we shall address this book, in depth, just has we have in the past with the first one. We have already made note of many ‘new’ lies and things she stole from OUR BLOGS.
see these blogs on wordpress for background

Amazon REMOVED my comment because ‘I am known to the author’. My ‘comments’ to the other three reviewers are listed as ‘a purchaser’. One of the three reviewers REMOVED her entire review because she did NOT like my comment to her review! Boy do I have POWER!

Also note that only ONE of the three reviewers that Joan GOT to write for her actually PURCHASED the piece of garbage. So how can someone who has NOT purchased the book give us a good review? They can’t, they are taking Joan’s word for what’s in the book, always a wrong thing to do, even if they only read an author’s copy.

I know that two of the three names of those reviewers are PERSONAL friends of Joan’s, for I’ve had DIRECT correspondence with them, over the libelous contents of the first book!

The three are…

1) Think you know adoption? Fred Tomasello Jr. June 19, 2015

2) A personal account of the complications  created by adoption and how these could be reduced EvelynR June 21, 2015


I will address each of them in detail in another post.

And if that isn’t enough PR work, Joan is beginning to do more. Just today, 12 August 2015 she looked up a six month old comment to promote her new shit, directing her announcement to Ruth.

Joan Mary Wheeler  Ruth Herr Sippel Pace • 3 hours ago

“Forbidden Family: My Life as an Adoptee Duped by Adoption” is now re-published and is available on Amazon. No one ever sued me for libel. This is all a war against me by the very sisters who found me in 1974. Always baggering me, always telling me to shut up about my life. I have written a book because I am adopted, they are not. We have no contact for many years. I want them out of my life, but they keep showing up!

And yes…Ruth and I made a couple of comments…here’s mine.

‘when someone writes about me and my children and my family I WILL continue to speak up about it. This new and improved piece of garbage is BEING addressed. Joan’s contract with the first publisher was violated by JOAN because she violated the rules of the contract. If anyone sees our ‘dispute’ with Joan as worthless…think about how YOU would feel if a family member wrote lies and fabrications of YOU. Mark my words…Joan is a liar and we shall continue to prove it USING HER OWN WORDS.’

‘it should also be noted that I wrote a review of this new book but because I ‘know’ the author my review was removed and my comments to the 2 remaining reviews are listed as ‘a purchaser’. The third reviewer REMOVED her entire review because she DID NOT like my comment! Rest assure that I shall make PUBLIC everything, that was on Amazon before it was removed and what is currently on and anything else that shows up…Joan Wheeler does NOT get to tell lies over and over again about me and my family…so yes I shall continue to SHOW UP’


here are posts of the current 5 reviews…

and more…to review #11











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